Website Malware Detection Service

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Thousands of websites are infected with malware daily, often without knowledge. The malware can disrupt operations for the website or its users, or gain unauthorized access to information and computer systems.

Our Website Malware Detection Service allows organizations to proactively scan their websites for malware, providing automated alerts and in-depth reporting to enable prompt identification and resolution. This service enables organizations to protect their customers from malware infections and safeguard their brand reputations.  

Quickly identify and report malware present in your website, including the type that eludes anti-virus software.  This helps to prevent website black listing and helps to limit brand reputation damage.

Start monitoring your website today! 

Automated Scans for your website:  

Scheduled daily scan of up to 1,000 pages enable us to proactively monitor your websites on an ongoing basis.

No Software to Install: 

Nothing to install, no ongoing maintenance.

Quickly Identify and Eradicate Malware: 

Detailed malware infection reports will be provided along with infected code for remediation. We provide a comprehensive view of scan activity, infected pages & malware infection trends.

Email & Zero Day Alerts: 

Email alerts quickly notify organizations when infections are discovered. Utilizes behavioral analysis to provide zero-day malware detection.

Proactive Protection: 

Through proactive action and continuous monitoring, we help secure your valuable information assets and establish the defenses you need to be safe, secure, and successful.

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