SecurePoint 360’s “Vulnerability Management as a Service” (VMaaS) offers a very attractively priced subscription service to address your evolving needs without the overheard of buying and implementing multiple technologies to meet those requirements.

Your VMaaS subscription includes SecurePoint 360’s ongoing mentoring to help you continue to secure your company as it grows.

Virus-infected computer spreading infection across the network

Many organizations come to realize (sometimes as a byproduct of a security audit) that cybersecurity readiness is not a destination, but a journey. Potential threats change and get more sophisticated, your infrastructure and environment expand and transform, and new clients make more intense demands.

Full-time, automated security testing and live assistance when you need it.

The VMaaS offering includes access to SecurePoint 360’s application portal (Security Program 360) which provides automated scanning of your web applications, end points, servers and workstations, source code and cloud environments. Using the application is free with the monthly subscription and includes monthly meetings during which SecurePoint 360 will advise you of the vulnerabilities uncovered (i.e., their potential ramifications, their remediations).

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