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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Virtual CISO Program | Frequently Asked Questions


Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • IT Asset Discovery & Classification
  • Website Malware Detection
  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Enterprise-wide Vulnerability Scans
  • Policy Compliance Scanning
  • SCAP Compliance Auditing
  • Remediation Tracking & Validation


Compliance, Policies & Controls
  • Security Program Management
  • Security Policy Development & Maintenance
  • Compliance Examination Prep & Maintenance
  • Incident Response Plan Development & Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development & Testing
  • Vulnerability Mgmt Plan Development & Maintenance
  • Internal IT Risk Assessments
  • Cloud Migration Security Planning
  • Vendor & Partner Security Assessments


Security Awareness & Training
  • Phishing Simulations/Testing
  • Threat Bulletins/Notifications
  • Role-based Knowledge Assessments
  • Critical Process Training

vCISO Program | Detailed Features

Security Assessments

Includes security program maturity assessments, Third-party and internal risk assessments.

Web Application Scanning

Regularly discover, catalog and scan web apps for vulnerabilities and website misconfigurations.

Vulnerability Management

Scan Perimeter, Internal & Cloud environments. Enterprise-wide vulnerability scanning and Website Malware Monitoring.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Includes policy, process, control development & maintenance. Ongoing risk management and policy compliance scanning.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Assist with the development and maintenance of business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

Incident Response

Provides support and coordination during ongoing cybersecurity incidents.

Security Awareness

Get your employees the ongoing security education needed to combat the continuously evolving threat landscape.

Cloud Security Planning

Security guidance for all stages of your cloud deployments. Assistance with navigating the many security challenges faced when planning and adopting cloud services.

  • Confidentiality: Ensures data is accessed by only authorized persons.
  • Integrity: Assures data can be trusted, that is, it is only edited by authorized persons and always remains in its original state when at rest.
  • Availability: Data is always available when required.

Prioritize Security Obligations

Which is most important? Confidentiality, Integrity, or Availability?

“ALL OF THE ABOVE”All of your clients

Don’t choose between your client, business, or regulatory obligations. Improve your security program today with our vCISO Program!