For organizations with greater cybersecurity protection requirements, SecurePoint 360 offers its “Virtual Chief Information Security Office” (vCISO) subscription, an additional suite of services to supplement our VMaaS offering. Sometimes also referred to as a fractional CISO, this program enables your organization to leverage SecurePoint 360 as your CISO. We will become part of your team, and engage your organization by making suggestions to push your security program to the next level for far less than it would take to build an in-house team.

IT expert working at a computer

Stop worrying about the security of your IT infrastructure

The vCISO program ensures you stay on top of your security needs and your security program is right-sized for your business, but also acts as a valuable “sales enablement” tool. Our vCISO will answer security questionnaires from your clients and prospects, assess your customer contracts, and will sit in on critical prospect calls, prepared to address any cybersecurity questions that arise. In this way, you always have a credible security expert on the call with you.

Ongoing, comprehensive security for your business

The vCISO program offers a comprehensive set of services, all included in the monthly subscription, including:

  1. Vulnerability Management (penetration testing, static code analysis, dynamic web application analysis)
  2. Audit and Compliance (monthly phishing simulations, security awareness training, audit prep)
  3. Risk Management (ongoing assessment and tabletop exercises)
  4. Establishing Security Standards (ongoing policy, procedure and control development)
IT professional working at a computer
IT Professional using security monitoring software from SecurePoint 360

Security is all we do. Let us do it for you.

Security requires constant vigilance, and the vCISO program allows that to happen while you stay focused on your business. Security is what SecurePoint 360 does, ALL day, EVERY day. As we like to say, “The second best time to call us is after you’ve had a breach”. That breach can take tens of thousands of dollars to address, and the impact on your company’s reputation cannot be quantified.

Make the wise security investment and contact us today.

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