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Security Assessment

Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Test
  • Mobile Application Penetration Test
  • Internal Network Penetration Test
  • External Network Penetration Test

Security Assessment

Web Application Assessment
  • Web Application Crawling (Internet & Intranet)
  • Scan Web Applications for Vulnerabilities
  • Detection of OWASP Top 10 Risks
  • Identify Web Apps Handling of Sensitive Data
  • Identify & Report Malware Present in Websites & Apps
  • Test IoT services, Mobile Apps & API-based B2B Connectors
  • Get a Complete View of your Web Application Security Posture
  • Prioritize remediation & focus on the critical flaws

Security Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment
  • Scan Perimeter, Internal & Cloud environments
  • Policy Compliance Scanning + Reporting
  • SCAP Scanning + Reporting
  • Identify which OS, ports, services and certs are on each device on your network
  • Track Vulnerabilities Throughout Their Life-cycle
  • Identify Which Hosts are Missing Critical Patches
  • Identify Hosts at Risk for Zero-Day Attacks
  • Get Insight & Context for Each Identified Vulnerability with recommendations

Security Assessment

Social Engineering
  • Phishing Simulations track the open & click through rate
  • Pretexting impersonation exercises to gather key info
  • Tailgating Exercises try to Bypass Physical Security
  • Baiting Helps Identify Those at Risk of Enticement

Security Assessment Services | Detailed Features

Penetration Testing

We help organizations increase their defenses against cyberattacks through ethical security exploitation.

Web Application Assessment

Regularly discover, catalog and scan web apps for vulnerabilities and website misconfigurations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Includes enterprise-wide vulnerability scanning where we scan for vulnerabilities everywhere (perimeter, internal networks, Amazon EC2, Azure, Google).

Social Engineering

Social engineering tactics are often used to breach an organization by making use of employee biases and errors in judgement. We simulate this type of attack to help organizations better defend against it.


  • Confidentiality: Ensures data is accessed by only authorized persons.
  • Integrity: Assures data can be trusted, that is, it is only edited by authorized persons and always remains in its original state when at rest.
  • Availability: Data is always available when required.

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