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Our Website Malware Detection Service scans publicly accessible websites, and identifies and reports malware infections, including zero-day threats via behavioral analysis. Detailed malware infection reports accompany infected code for remediation. 

  • Automated Scans for your website

    Scheduled daily scan of up to 1,000 pages enable us to monitor your websites on an ongoing basis.

  • No Software to Install

    Nothing to install, no ongoing maintenance. Monitoring starts upon receipt of authorization form.

  • Quickly Identify and Eradicate Malware

    Detailed malware infection reports will be provided along with infected code for remediation. We provide a comprehensive view of scan activity, infected pages & malware infection trends.

  • Email & Zero Day Alerts

    Email alerts quickly notify organizations when infections are discovered. Utilizes behavioral analysis to provide zero-day malware detection.

  • Proactive Protection

    Through proactive action and continuous monitoring, we help secure your valuable information assets and establish the defenses you need to be safe, secure, and successful.

This service browses your website just a like a user would on a scheduled daily basis. The service employs four different types of detection methods to identify any potential malware.

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