Every security audit has two phases; preparation and the audit itself. Like most things in life, if you “nail” the preparation, the subsequent steps go well.

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Audit preparation itself consists of two stages, assessment and remediation. During the assessment stage, SecurePoint 360 will interview your staff, scan your infrastructure and review your current policies and procedures. We then quickly compile a report that highlights the areas to be addressed before your organization will be ready for the audit.

You can take those recommendations and remediate the issues and address the gaps yourself, or SecurePoint 360 can do that for you. This can include designing the appropriate security program for your organization, along with the requisite penetration tests, vulnerability monitoring, static code analysis, policy and procedure development, process implementation (e.g., DR planning), vendor security assessment, as well as project managing the entire remediation process.

Choosing Your Audit Prep Vendor

Audit prep should be conducted by an organization independent from your selected auditor—an Audit Prep Vendor (APV). An APV should have mastery of the subject matter regardless of the type of audit you are contemplating (SOC, ISO, HIPAA, GDPR, HITRUST), but also the ability to shepherd you though the process with minimal disruption to your business. This combination of skills and experience is why many of the preeminent audit firms recommend SecurePoint 360 to their clients.

Once you are ready for your audit, SecurePoint 360 can be the point of contact for your auditor(s). We speak the “same language”, and often diffuse requests from overzealous assessors. You stay focused on your business, and we ensure the audit goes smoothly and without exceptions.

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