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Our mission at SecurePoint 360 is to address all the security needs of SMBs while maintaining our dedication to high quality, timely and cost-effective solutions. Our comprehensive services range from preparation for security audits your clients require to protecting your attack surface before the inevitable happens.

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SecurePoint 360 was founded on a simple principle. That SMB companies’ needs for comprehensive security protection were not being met. These needs are equally demanding for SMBs as for larger organizations, yet end-to-end security, the likes of which is usually the province of larger firms, is prohibitively expensive. When an SMB attempts to address them, results are typically subpar and efforts take focus away from the core business.

Chris, CEO and Founder

Chris saw a gap in the market, for providing affordable security services to SMBs at a price anyone can afford.


Don, COO

Don has held CTO and COO roles at numerous fast-growing SMBs and understands the growing pains most organizations encounter. He’s helping SecurePoint navigate its rapid growth.

Syed, R&D and DevOps

Syed has a tremendous grasp of AWS and Azure, cloud development and DevOps.

AWS Solution Architect

JT, Client Services & Project Management

JT has a passion for satisfied clients and oversees the teams that ensure our projects stay on track and that all client issues are addressed.

We believe the age-old conundrum known as the “Iron Triangle”, wherein you must settle for only two options from among cost, speed and quality, is a false narrative. We have broken the paradigm with our combination of deep expertise, low overhead and a passion to deliver high quality, cost-effective, 360-degree security for small and midsize businesses.

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